About us

Akuma-Inn was created in an outburst of unexplained inspiration somewhere near Żyrardów, Pruszków and Warsaw one day back in 2017. To this day, these three places remain our base. The beginnings hidden in the mists of history were very modest – we started with tiny stands, fanarts based on manga and anime as well as six fat cats which no one knew where they came from and what they would grow into.

Currently, working on projects inspired by anime and manga is still important to us, and we have not lost interest in it as we regularly buy volumes of our favorite series, but as far as corporate activity is concerned, we now focus almost exclusively on our fat cats. Why is that? Because by some inconceivable miracle, they won the hearts of hundreds of people and it seems that they are planning to conquer even more hearts. If you do not know them yet, let us introduce them to you:

* Cifero - our firstborn fat cat. He was the first to emerge from the creative depths of our artist. His first action was to sit down on a scrap of watercolor paper, look around through the fumes of a strange, gray aura that surrounded him, and ask if someone might have been interested in selling his soul at a bargain price;) Some say that he is Satan's cat, but he denies that he has an owner

* Zula - a crazy black and white she-cat that came right after Cifero. She is curious, hyperactive and always hungry, which is probably why she appeared in front of us. She must have been in search of goodies from our fridge ;)

* Oditz - a small, tabby kitten surrounded by an aura of joy, happiness and love. There are legends that something saddened him only once, but there is no evidence of it ;) It seems that even in the face of the end of the world, he would find some positive aspects of the situation and convince other cats of them ;)

* Sognedal - a purebred, extremely blue and very grumpy kitty. There is no other cat with such limited facial expressions as him, or with such a particularly cranky, displeased and negative attitude towards the universe. His name is a fusion of the Norwegian names Sognefjorden and Lærdal. Nobody except our artist can spell it correctly.

* Eida - a sensitive black she-cat who watches the world with her sparkling, pensive and nostalgic gaze. She is endearing in her melancholy nature and can easily win the sympathy of even the most headstrong person ;) Those sparkling eyes full of charm simply cannot be ignored ;)

* Kamal - a cat version of Gandalf :) He is very smart, but at the same time understanding, patient and forgiving. He reads a lot and likes books very much, so he always appears somewhere with a new book in his paws;)

In addition to the above-mentioned cats, among our projects you will also find separate graphics referring to other works of broadly understood pop culture or manifestations of authentic creations. Cat Cthulhu, the wide-smiling Cheshire Cat or cute Caticorns are just some of the cats that are waiting for you on our website :)