Akuma-Inn – kitty online shop

Akuma-Inn came into existence in 2017 as an attempt to find our own spot in the Polish and European market place. Artists never have an easy life and a lot of them die before their art is recognized. We thought it would be a good idea not to wait for our own death and enjoy drawing, creating gadgets and selling our products while still being alive. We sell both via our online shop and by participating in conventions and events taking place all around Europe so probably most of you have met us there!

All our designs are created using ancient traditional media magic. We believe in the soul that dwells in all artworks made on paper using ink and watercolours. That’s why our designs have only light touches of digitalizing methods; just enough to make them as close to the original paper graphics as it’s possible.

Fat Cats

No doubt we’re most well-known thanks to our pack of legendary Fat Cats, and the most remarkable among them for sure is Cifero! Our first-born demon cat is a mixture of snowy white fur, a disturbing smile, ears shaped like horns and an aura of chaos surrounding him like a misty fog. Our capricious Cifero is the best choice for all the people with horned souls and evil hearts, but if you’d like some nice kitty instead, then let us, Akuma-Inn, introduce you to our other fat cats! Here we have: dewy-eyed Eida, always lost in her thoughts; hungry, stubborn and hyperactive Zula; wise, kind-hearted Kamal; happy, optimistic sweet-heart Oditz, and Sognedal – a blue Persian cat always having an expression of irritation and annoyance on his face!

Be sure to check our other cats, too. Our thematic collection includes an entire team of RPG cats, a kitty version of Cthulhu, some sweet Caticorns, a fat version of the Cheshire Cat, a Plague Doctor cat with a bird mask, star and space themed cats, cats in a tank or in a postapocalyptic wasteland… Search for them! Somewhere out there, there is a perfect Fat Cat just for you!

From cat lovers to cat lovers

In our funny cats collection, you can find products such as: printed T-shirts for both men and women; printed hoodies; cotton bags and eco backpacks; decorative pillows perfect for sleeping; printed mugs great for coffee and tea; coasters (you can find matching sets mug+coaster!); magnets for your fridge; stickers; buttons; bookmarks; charm bracelets with silver charm; breakfast bowls; microfiber lens cleaning cloths for your glasses and screens, and so much more! We try to make our kitty products of the highest quality, so we’re always happy hearing from you how much you like your new T-shirt or how your coffee tastes better than ever in your new mug!

We’re artists who don’t follow fashion and trends, but we keep searching for our own way. Our own imagination is our greatest inspiration, so that’s why we keep working on new designs all the time. We love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact via our Facebook or Instagram profile – we are grateful for any messages, and all your ideas will be carefully considered. Maybe you have some interesting concepts and would love to share them with us? Feel free to contact us! We respond to all messages!

Conventions and events with Akuma-Inn

If you’d like to meet us personally, you’re very welcome to visit our fat cat stand on the various conventions, events and fair trades we participate in! Our Fat Cats keep travelling with us through Poland and Europe, and we announce all the events we will attend on our Facebook profile in advance. You can find us on conventions such as: Pyrkon in Poznań, Warszawskie Targi Fantastyki, Dni Fantastyki in Wrocław, Animatsuri in Warsaw, MFKiG in Łódź, Falkon in Lublin, Manga-Comic-Con during Leipziger Buchmesse, Animefest in Brno, Dokomi in Düsseldorf or VIECC in Vienna! Stay tuned and check our Facebook profile often in order to be up-to-date with all our projects and trips!

Ideas for a gift – original graphics and custom drawing orders

Maybe you’re looking for something truly unique and one of a kind? Original Akuma-Inn ink and watercolour designs as well as custom made drawings just for you are available for purchase. We’ve already created plenty of personalized Fat Cats that brought smiles to their new owners! Moreover, we can create specific products with your customized kitty graphic! A customized drawing is a unique gift that for sure will brighten the day of every cat lover! You can get more details and place your order via e-mail so feel free to message us. Be sure we will use of all our magic to bring your idea to life!